Bahamas Yacht Charters

The Island chain of the Bahamas is a wonderful archipelago. It is one of the longest island chains reaching 800 miles from Florida southeast to the Dominican Republic. The Bahama Islands were discovered by Columbus, this being his first landfall in the New World October 12, 1492. Problem is he thought he had reached an island off the coast of China. Although Columbus did not find gold in the Bahamas, the islands are a treasure of magnificent white sand beaches, tropical fish, and shallow aqua blue crystal clear water. The islands are great for fishing enthusiasts, with access for small boats and puddle jumpers. Tropic breezes, blue lagoons and palm trees along the very long white sand beaches make the Bahamas unique. The island elevations are not far above sea level with turquoise waters and over 700 islands and 2,000 cays. The almost perfect temperatures are between 70 and 80 in the shade year-round. The best part is the Bahamas are so accessible for short travel being only approximately 150 miles off the Florida coast.