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The professionals at Hartley Yacht Charters are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We have the expertise to guide you throughout your charter experience.

Hartley Yacht Charters has operated Charter Brokerage for over 15 years. As longtime sailor, adventure sports enthusiast, Susan brings a multitude of charter and business experience to Hartley Yacht Charters. Susan, along with her husband and acclaimed world solo sailor, Jack Boye owned and operated their 57 ft. Catamaran throughout the Caribbean, the Leeward and Windward Islands, and all the way up the East Coast throughout New England. Book a charter with a professional! Susan knows the Crews and Yachts.


Meet Susan Hartley Churchill RN, USCG Licensed Captain, Acclaimed Charter Chef, International Charter Broker

As the Charter Broker for Hartley, Susan displays her expertise in business as well as her excellent human relations in hospitality and yachting knowledge throughout the booking process.

  • A Multi-Talented Professional

    Susan is a woman of many talents. She is a registered nurse, an acclaimed British Virgin Islands chef, and an international yacht charter broker. In addition, she possesses a U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license.

  • An Experienced Sailor

    As an experienced, longtime sailor and adventure sports enthusiast, Susan brings plenty of charter and business experience to Hartley Yacht Charters. For more than 15 years, she and her husband have owned and operated the Catamaran Yacht Pride — a 57-foot Lagoon — throughout the Caribbean.

  • A Woman With a High Business Acumen

    Susan’s work as a charter broker is characterized by her keen business sense and exceptional human relations skills. She will lend you her yachting expertise throughout the entire charter process.

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