Caribbean Leeward Islands:

Caribbean Leeward Islands Yacht Charters

The Islands of the Leewards are an overnight sail from the British Virgin Islands. At the top of the island chain, The Islands include St. Martin, St. Barts, Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saba, Antigua, Barbuda, and Montserrat. Then down along the French West Indies there are the islands of Guadeloupe, Marie Galante,and Dominica. Martinique is the northernmost island that begins what is called the Windward Islands.
The Leewards are a wonderful mix of very distinct cultures. French, Dutch, and English.
St. Martin is French on one side and one side is Dutch Netherland. It has a newly renovated International Airport with easy access from anywhere in the world. The fun of the island besides sunbathing and nightlife is trying all the fine restaurants of each side. The dutch side has great shopping, hotels with casinos,and european cuisine. The French side has so many great restaurants and shops.

The quaint beachfront restaurant area of Grand Case is a place to spend days trying the amazing French food. In Marigot the aroma of pastry and freshly baked baguettes baked daily fills the air every morning. Wander the little streets full of fine shops and stop for a glass of wine and a crepe or a lunch of fresh green salad and duck. It is just like being in France, only you're on a small French island in the Caribbean. Your crew will pick you up after your shore excursion for a sail or a swim and a nap before going out to experience some nightlife. The best thing is there is so much to do whether you prefer total relaxation or high paced activities.
Antigua is another amazing British Island full of Maritime history. Nelson's Dockyard was built in 1784 in English Harbour. Horatio Nelson arrived there in 1784 as commander in chief of the Leeward Island Squadron at the age of 25. The historic restoration, museum and architecture is just fabulous and shore excursions are recommended. There are great beaches and idylic tropical scenery throughout the island. A Leeward Island Charter is a fabulous experience.